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  1. I would never blow anyone's covers; that'd be unfair. But kudos, I had no idea it was you.
  2. Thanks for not blowing my cover. When the idea of using a knock off of Littlefinger came up I knew I had no choice but to pay homage.
  3. Of course. If you need to talk, let me know.
  4. Much appreciated for the outreach.
  5. I'll forward them
  6. No one's sent me anything.
  7. The talent show. I got entries for Nika and Kat.
  8. Applicants to what?
  9. I have two applicants so far. How about you?
  10. I mean, it'll be nice if we can just walk into a doctor's office and not have to worry about copays and stuff, but medicine and specialists are so much more expensive and wonky that I can't imagine Amazon just paying like 400 chemotherapists in the off chance someone has cancer.
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