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  1. Should have been years ago. But who knows. I don't know if Pops would ever let me go Green; I'm not a yes man.
  2. when are you going green
  3. One of the best series out there.
  4. Eyeshield 21
  5. I actually didn't remember that, so thanks man. Yeah, I didn't log on to TMF for a year with this account, but obviously I had that little Littlefinger debacle. I was probably a lot more active than, but I'm still trying. Keep up the good work and I'm sure I'll see you in the Parliaments soon.
  6. I honestly appreciate this, especially since itís coming from you. Remember this?

    This is what I said in my introduction thread. Iíve been lurking on TMF since God knows when, even know about the presidency bet. You left for like 11 months? Anyways Iím trying to increase the quality in PH. I have plenty of ideas to achieve this.

    Really appreciate it man, thanks.
  7. I like what you've been doing and think you're a good poster; I am an advocate of you becoming Staff. Despite my previous grumblings about Contributors, I do think you're a keeper.
  8. Got you, could you tell me which don't? Because they seem to work for me.
  9. Could you make sure the pictures you post in the panel tournament work? Half of them don't.
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