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  1. Whats up no avy u ok ? Also you changed your name where can i do it.
  2. If it sucks, forget it was me who told you about the series.
  3. No probs haha thanks for the link maybe i will watch it if i am bored , that will be helpful !!
  4. I see. I have a wide range of tastes so I usually just go to, browse the top rated shows and pick one out of the bunch. It can be whatever genre. That one had 8.7 so I thought it might be good. Was not my style though.
  5. watch this series one of the best chinese dramas i rate it . Gotta see that one thanks for the info but i like watching thrills and stuff xD .
  6. Cool. Let me know how it goes. I've never been able to get into Chinese drama for some reason. I've tried a couple but no success so far. The last one I tried watching was called Love O2O iirc.
  7. Ya i might watch it thanks for the recommedation XD . Might add in my download list soon i am about to finish with house of cards once thats i will watch the k drama series you recoomended.

    I usually watch chinese series btw XD might try k drama soon.
  8. K-drama is mighty good. If you like police TV shows with a lot of suspense then I recommend Stranger for your K-drama initiation ritual. It's on Netflix.

    I watched the haunting of hill house recently. Have you watched that series?
  9. K drama s are pretty good from what i heard. Ya madmen is worth watching.
  10. I really like corporate politics, mind you, the only shows I've watched with such theme are K-dramas.

    Ohh, the series is on netflix. That makes it easier. Thanks for the recommendation.
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