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  1. Wall level max
  2. Do you it would be safe to assume an earthquake that can be felt across two countries is at least mcb level+?
  3. Was referring to the original Infinity Gauntlet event, but I do think he's supposed to appear in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. He did some straight up ridiculous shit during IG

    Gonna read a couple more issues then I'll be back on later tonight
  4. I see. Cool stuff. And think I heard of him before all this stuff was going on
  5. He's Thanos's rival and is the owner of the Soul Gem.

    If you know Gamora, she was trained to assassinate Warlock and ended up falling in love with him. If you've heard of him it's probably for his role in the Infinity Gauntlet event and his ties to Guardians of the Galaxy. Really underrated character
  6. Alright, will do. So this Warlock dude will appeal to me huh? I've heard of him, but don't know much about him
  7. Read this Infinity Series I'm reading and read Secret Wars too if you haven't. That's what I'm currently doing. The former has Warlock who I think you'll like a lot and the other is basically about Doom becoming "God"
  8. So you want me to read some Starlin stuff
  9. I'm rereading the past few years of Thanos & Warlock stuff. Both are great characters

    Same. Going back through Secret Wars to experience God Emperor Doom again
  10. Yeah, have no clue who this guy is. Interesting though.

    I love him.
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