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  1. so you didn't want me to check your pic so badly?
  2. No I didn't, I was educating you.
  3. i don't get you, zentos

    first, you want me to see yourself so badly, and then this
  4. I've legit changed it. You get NOTHING now.
  5. the phone is out of my reach ok

    if it was, id have checked even now, since you wanted me to see your picture so badly
  6. No, I was astonished by the fact that you had me on skype and didn't even bother checking the pic. I see how it is now.
  7. but

    you wanted me to see it so badly, zentos
  8. Changed.
  9. i'm sorry, even if you urge me to check your pic, my phone is too far from me now

    i'll check your pic later, zentos
  10. Changing it to Zenou.
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