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  1. I know, right?

    So long as we are not stuck with another Bihei.
  2. i hope none dies tbh, but if it's one, it's probably the older.
  3. You better.
    Just joking, we cool.

    What kind of fate do you except the archer brother will meet?
  4. i added to the mention list just now btw, sorry it took that long but i forgot to activate the pending requests lol
  5. Yeah. It was alright, a relaxing setup chapter. Ousen sure is a handful to deal with.
  6. did you see today's chapter?
  7. Writing some papers and came to check out what's up, but the forum is awfully quiet today. Sent my strat to Void, now we're waiting for Nord.

    What are you up to?
  8. hm hm?
  9. Hey.
  10. We cannot go down so easily! If a fight is what they want, a fight is what they will get!
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