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  1. I edited my last post to answer this VM, you can check it.
  2. Just saw that I moved him back and forth

    You totally ignored Chousou's unit firing at you from above. You think Heki and Bajio can just take shelter in those trees forever?

    You underestimate ballistas and Nord's number of them. What are the biggest strengths of a ballistas? The fact that they fire huge bolts with massive power. This isn't an arrow that stops after it has struck a person, it's fired with enough power to strike through multiple people with many times the range of an arrow. How do you think GHM's bolts latched onto solid stone walls? Because they were fired with extreme power, enough to bore through rock. And you're having your forces enter into a crossfire zone with bolts coming from the front and right. I don't have to give you anything, you're the one that has to prove to me and the rest of us why they would survive.

    Anyways, I'd appreciate it if you made your case in the thread and not on my VMs. It'd seem like you're making deals
  3. Kyuugen is behind that rock, not in the forest. Look at where Nord has drawn the walls. That means that he can not fire at anyone before they leave the forest, which my unit is told not to do.

    Also, you can read through my walls of text and ressurect Ouhon and co. Makeshift walls and ballistas will not decimate my army until you give ma canon manga proof of ballistas being capable of doing that. They have done nothing but latched onto walls.
  4. I saw that

    by all means, come out swinging, no need to be timid
  5. I made a battle sequence for the first 3 stages, up until the moment that the fights break out(check page 2).
    I thought that I was supposed to wait for the opinions of others before defending my case, but Nord started already.
  6. cuz they're waiting for my corners

    start debating, I'd have the corner out earlier but I'm strapped for time today. I'll try to get it done tonight
  7. No one cares about the match.
  8. Check Nord's strat, I believe he forgot to add 29970 of his soldiers.

    Check my last post in the thread for clarification.
  9. Brunchfast then
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