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  1. shit, you are lucky. I hate the cold here

    i havent been to a beach since kenya. I miss those days. How is it tho?
  2. you're going to be near a beach anywhere you're at in florida
  3. OMG me too i hate the cold! i live in Canada though which is weird xD

    do you live near a beach?
  4. yes sir. i like it, it's cool having only two seasons. hate the cold.
  5. bruh in you snaps it is sunny that means you are in the south side right? how is it?
  6. daytona state
  7. what college or uni do you go to?
  8. for sure, it's the best
  9. is it a fun class tho?
  10. i suppose

    it's mostly freelance work tho so it's not so much the degree that gets you work rather it is your experience and connections. so it'd depend more on you or what you intend to do, i guess
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