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  1. Berseria?
  2. M-mah consistency
  3. Rax is Rax he's cute outside the UBD

    COV is worse than the OG idiots from 2chan

    Well good luck don't die now
  4. Rax is fine.
    Dealing with COV is a mental chore.

    I know he's replied to me already and I just can't bring myself to check it yet.
  5. Nah it's just it went from RAX to COV must be hard
  6. Where are you going with this
  7. Do you like being a babysitter
  8. So it's basically whenever Rax posts anything
  9. That most definitely is my face when I read mind boggilinly stupid stuff.
  10. Oh yeah that's the name

    i see so that's Num-chan's Face
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