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  1. O. Merry late Christmas!
  2. Merry Christmas, gon!
  3. Sure. ;)
  4. Let me know how it goes
  5. Yeah, haha.

    I'm doing fine, so don't worry. :P
  6. That's real soon

    Tell me if you need a hand in math or whatever other thing, I can't do much but I'll help you if I can.
  7. In three days.
  8. I see

    When do you have it?
  9. Welp..

    I'm not sure, but it's not too hard. It's divided into 4 subject tests: English, math, reading, and science. It comes with an optional test which is the writing. I chose that as well.
  10. I legit never heard of it

    How hard is it? What subjects is it about?
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