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  1. They are tsundere when it comes to her.
  2. I see

    the world does as well but they won't admit it
  3. Exactly.

    We both do.
  4. too refined?

    I needs more MHXs
  5. She's good just doesn't have the Mordred feel to it.

    Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't add another version of MHX-A in the game.
  6. yeah, I didn't notice it at first but it's hard to unsee now. What chu think of the cosplayer herself?

    if they keep the theme of alters, I want her to be the welfare since I don't have MHXA
  7. The bending sword for the cosplayer bothers me.

    We need that Alter though.
  8. I noticed that too.

    I'm guessing she it too big for regular Oreos.
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