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  1. yeah I agree
  2. Not much tbh. The one thing I hated the most out of Kuroko was blatant disregard of the game so much it didn't resemble basketball anymore.
  3. hmm

    How is Kuroko trying to be politically correct? Story just went to shit for me
  4. Yrly.

    Same here. I like my sports anime where they adhere to the rules of the sport and isn't trying to be politically correct. Hence why I dropped Kuroko.
  5. oh rly?

    faggotry huh? well, I can't say I want to try out the anime because I laughed at the premise when I saw the promotions but without it, I wouldn't have wanted to give the manga try
  6. Reddit and MAL are usually the same people so don't mind them

    In fact, if it wasn't for the anime I wouldn't have touched the manga. It's a very good sports story but without the faggotry these shows usually have. Like the anime knows what it is and isn't trying to be politically correct at all.
  7. is it? I read the comments of each chapter and a significant amount of them imply the anime isn't good
  8. The anime is a nice adaptation of the student arc.
  9. not watched, read
  10. Someone just watched Keijo
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