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  1. yeah that was a couple months ago

    nice experience for a innocent sheltered muslim boy like me
  2. Ah, well I'm glad you're doing well

    In any case, it's been quite a while since we've talked. Any new developments? You've tried out alchohol and weed recently right?
  3. ah that was a kid cudi lyric

    somewhat relatable lyric i felt
  4. You seemed sad earlier in the cb
  5. everything is well allara-swan. what brings u to my vms this fine day
  6. How's everything going, fe?
  7. just finished the new ep., I never expected joffrey to die like that.
  8. also refrain from viewing avalon's profile, or our conversation, until you've seen it

    i vm'd him about the latest ep
  9. have you seen the new GoT ep yet?

    watch GoT

    do it now
  10. also do not go into the hannibal thread

    if you do, speedscroll past posts if you wanna post reactions and such
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