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  1. Unfortunately I can't till later tonight when I'm home. I'll let you know.
  2. Got a Haunter I wanna evolve

    Let me know when you can trade
  3. Shoot. Sorry I missed you. I'll let you know in a bit.
  4. What are their natures
  6. Scyther you say?

    I might have one or three.
  7. nah I bred yours already

    if you get a heracross or scyther hit me up though
  8. I caught a level 18 Pinsir if you're interested.
  9. lol Don't blame you.

    I'll see if I can catch a machop so we can get that out of the way and stuff.
  10. yeah I want a female so I can breed it instead of having a lv 50 pinsir
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