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  1. There's been talks about it in the parliaments. I don't know if anything goes on above the mod level with the decision, though.
  2. thanks
  3. The word I was looking for yesterday in the CB was "Abatement."

    Scope out abatement laws in your state. Here in NM you basically don't pay rent until contractual obligations are carried out by the land owner. If he's not holding up his part of the contract you are not obligated to uphold yours, which would be paying him. It's a pretty extreme maneuver usually best left for an office and tenant who don't like one another or a really bad situation, though.
  4. Excellent! I knew you'd do great.
  5. Kicked its ass
  6. How did your exam go?
  7. I saw you nominated some telltale walking dead characters in the thread

    Where's my thanks for the recommendation
  8. GP beat me to it. Looks like banning one cooled the others off.
  9. hey can you bean these elite hackers in the chatbox real quick

    Im serious
  10. Sorry I didn't get back to you in the CB

    I'm enjoying S/M, but damn the intro period for it is looooooong.
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