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  1. GP beat me to it. Looks like banning one cooled the others off.
  2. hey can you bean these elite hackers in the chatbox real quick

    Im serious
  3. Sorry I didn't get back to you in the CB

    I'm enjoying S/M, but damn the intro period for it is looooooong.
  4. Most of my spare time is being eaten up in a side project. I can probably go next time though.
  5. Play in OoB
  6. Thanks man. Almost got lost in the storm.
  7. Welcome back.
  8. I think the why is more important when it comes to the understanding of a process, it's the difference between knowing and understanding, it allows someone to make use of the knowledge.

    But, for testing purposes? Only need the how. Pfft.
  9. And the calc.

    And knowing the how is easily as important as the why, I agree.
  10. The chemistry, you mean? I will, have been taking notes every day.

    But sometimes I'm not so efficient. Mostly because I have to know why something works and not just how it does. I'm absolutely insistent upon that. So it takes me some time to dissect the material and get a true understanding instead of just memorizing formulas and facts. It's taxing.
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