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  1. do you know how much i was looking forward to that? i even wrote that long ass bg for my character. i was so pumped to participate in my first rp then you decided to put it off for 2 weeks and rip off white's stupid cyoa idea. fuck you man
  2. Rob, I need you now more than ever. I don't really know what else to say. This has been an uphill battle for me. I'm the underdog. Poopy has a whole army of zoro cockgobblers and I've somehow managed to scrap together enough people hwo like weezing.

    Please. It's the final hour. I need you...bro
  3. no
  4. interested in replacing into my game
  5. they're not even that old
  6. reading my old posts is weird
  7. I guess I'll give this a go, feels a bit weird honestly.

    I am a full time student, going to college for chemical engineering.

    My other hobbies include reading, electronics, hiking. Very interested in science and technology, read and think about it lots. Used to write a lot more too but I'm very critical of my own work.

    Socially I'm more on the reserved side. I'm really good at not standing out, dress neutrally and look unassuming. Sometimes I think I make subconscious efforts to not be noticed, because I like being a little mysterious. Love conversation but hate small talk.
    Like to meet new people but rarely catch any friends when I go fishing for them. I like to people watch sometimes, or look at a group of people and try to figure out who is the most evil or has the weirdest fetish.

    Had a bit of a rough upbringing, poor and mentally ill parent. Had some issues as a child but I turned out pretty good considering. Pretty straight edge guy. Worst I've done is making some homemade explosives/flammables. No criminal history.
    I guess I'm not much ilke I am here at a first glance unless you got to know me a bit.

    Feel free to ask me anything.
  8. i was going thru a rebellious phase
  9. finally changed your name back to normal
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