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  1. tfw trying to talk to my buddy schnarf and he don't give a shit

    I have no face when
  2. It's obvious.

    First you tell everybody you're Townie and want to bring down all scum.

    This in and of itself is not much of a sell, BUT since YOU know WE know you are pretty well established on this forum as a great Mafia player, you assume that you are an instant target if you don't speak up asap. Especially if you act shady, on the other hand, if you DO come out, people might assume you're a scum.

    BUT since being scum isn't the best idea to go all out at the start, (only townies would do so), we'd TOTALLY believe you are a townie.

    BUT the fact remains that you are a very conniving man and would abuse the fact that we would assume you are very elaborate in your plans. This would mean that being an INDEPENDENT and starting to throw yourself in the limelight from the first GO, you play a double-edged sword hand.

    I know you better than you know yourself Ultra, and that is that you need control of information to guide the chaos to your hand.

    But to do the EXACT opposite, and that is being an INDEPENDENT and doing the EXACT same thing you would do in a situation where you are a TOWNY is something NOBODY would predict.

    So the only logical conclusion MUST be that you are independent. And are using your reputation to TRICK us into believing you are a CERTAIN towny.

    You're going down buddy.

    #Lynch Punished Ultra
  3. I didnt see that part, you played well, but I just thought you where real opportunistic in the game and its something I would have pointed out, your mock outrage felt fake on the last phase (again though its hard to emulate genuine emotion without it being phony) Nikamara talking about neighbours as confirmed town was giogio worthy after I remember what X being a mafia neighbour in avalons wire game (which is something I would have pointed out)

    I agree though inviting Nikamara was probably your smartest play since she seems to be really easy to manipulate when it comes gaining her trust with stuff like this, but cmon lynching out a reviver and a cop before the neighbour? I even doubted Schnarf was the indy since he definitely wouldnt have been x shot if he was. Like there where so many things the town could have done better, I was just being nice in the thread since they seemed to have gotten their fair share of it already and because as hard as it is to believe I thought mafia did play worse than them.
  4. I heard this Gad fella is banned from mafia for life. Anyways it's going to be good mafia games in the future with another player who don't jump on Ultra's dick that easily.
  5. Slight improvement.
  6. when ultra negs me & donald

  7. that ava still bothers me

    he looks like a black luigi
  8. tyler
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