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  1. you wanna join avalon's mafia game
  2. I can't wait
  3. I see a lot of blessings from you real soon
  4. Lol i'm not. Why are you so scared. Don't worry. No one will touch you.
  5. You're going to regret this.
  6. Ultra, my brother. Can I have your support to gain more votes.

    I promised to avenge you. Lay me a hand
  7. I like how I offended you by saying "fatass" while it wasn't serious because we were good for a long time.

    You can keep hating on me bro, no problem.
  8. You worked so hard and you're still a failure. Once a chimp, always a chimp.
  9. I'm born to win, man. There is no way im going to lose right now. I worked too hard to get on this level.
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