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  1. Axel Alonso got the boot.

    D&C's Insiders were right
  2. You're uncaged back into the CB.
  3. You sure do hate free speech
  4. [QUOTE=Rax, The Spooky Hero;1969494]@Y ; @Teo ;

    One of the mountains on Sirius Island just barely manages to touch the rain clouds above it, meaning it's at least around 2km Tall

    1807/72*2000 = 50194.4m

    2*atan(tan(70/2)*(373/1200) = 24.557616551636
    2*atan(154/(373/tan(24.557616551636/2))) 10.269611296068

    Distance = 279290

    2*atan(tan(70/2)*(715/491) = 91.114900358394
    2*atan(326/(715/tan(91.114900358394/2))) = 49.867770313532

    Crater = 259690m

    Volume = 9.16989*10^15

    9560000000000*1000(Putting meters into centimeters)*2900(Weight of oceanic rock)*27050(Vaporization) or 214.35 (Pulverizaton of rock)

    9169890000000000*1000*2900*214.5 = 1.3 Petatons
    Vape = 719332021050000000000000000 = 171 Petatons

    The Pulverization is actually very consistent given it was stated to be a record high level of Ethernano, Etherion measuring at least 1.2 Petatons and Acno's roar being just a bit bigger than it


  5. There's no reason not to make a sequel
  6. Granted, if for sure they were gonna make one they'd be announcing dates and details already.
  7. I think it's them getting a new one ready.

    If they weren't going to make a other they'd have stated it already.

    If they don't I'd hope they continue in a show or comic.
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