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  1. because wilhelm and napoleon are fierce fucking dragons who merged their balls in a pool of enemies and fought to the last breath running a severe risk of winning the total dominion. Would probably have a longer life under karl v since he had already everything since he was born, but he was solid as a rook to keep it all through clever deals and precise military operations when needed.

    vespasianus was a conqueror, and marcus aurelius was a great mind. Being the former's general or the latter's chancellor would be my jizz
  2. wait why a shorter life

    there's some good ones >:^<

    nero was a hero good but
    why the other two
  3. i couldn't sleep knowing i didn't mention any ancient rome emperor

    but they really all suck in a way

    most fun would be serving under marcus aurelius, vespasianus or nero i guess, for... different reasons
  4. just emperors?

    would dig having karl v as my liege

    if i feel ok with a shorter life i could vote wilhelm II or napoleon
  5. monarchy yes commie no

    favorite emperor
  6. with a communist monarchy
  7. that's it, im flying over there in the name of mussolini rn
    a homeland for everyone >>> starving on stale bread

    what do we replace democracy with
  8. lenin nearly secured a world where everyone could be equal, happy and respectful, wisk

    what's a puny germany compared to the world's ultimate rule
  9. wtfcrispy is it spanking time
    hitler nearly secured a germany for germans

    lenin did nothing
  10. because lenin is my lighthouse, wisk
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