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  1. what would I need to do to get my own sub like the Y cave
  2. I just wanted something for the October/Samhain vibe since I might do a Resi mafia but I guess I can do two months

    Wi S. Kennedeh
  3. Stuck with? You think this is some sort of punishment I'm handing out?

    If you want a username change try picking something you'll enjoy and not something you'll be "stuck with" like I'm over her shackling you with a burden you have to endure. To answer the question, you'll have to wear it for two months before your sentence is served.
  4. wait how long will I be stuck with it
  5. Okay, what will the new username be
  6. A thread detailing the feats and accomplishments of every Resident Evil character to date
  7. What's in it for me?
  8. Can I get a name change
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