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  1. Yep, after they both trained up more it would be a fun combo.
  2. Well, her power is dangerous so she might kill both Deku and herself, but that's actually a good idea. Can't win against a strong opponent? Bring Eri, and the problem's solved.
  3. Its great, I think that the girl should be dekus sidekick so he can use that form more
  4. That was fast, man.

    Yeah, that was a great moment. Unfortunately, Deku still can't maintain this "form" on his own, not even for one second. Well, that simply means we can enjoy this series for a long time. Anyway, how you do like the series so far?
  5. aaaand all caught up.

    100% deku was a sight to behold, I cannot wait to see that animated
  6. ty
  7. Chapter 70.
  8. I want to read BnHA from where the anime left off, what chapter?
  9. Nah. TMF is always boring and dry, been on a lot less lately, as well.
  10. Fine, I guess. I was supposed to leave, but a quirk break helped me a little bit. Was there anything interesting going on during that time? Aside from the usual shitstorimg in the battledome, that is.
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