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  1. I mention everyone when the game starts.... except murim-in that one time XD but it was a mistake ahahahaha.
    I'm a great host though if I do say so myself. No need to worry about anything.... except the other players
    good night ^-^7 I'm going to bed soon as well.
  2. Glad you are better

    I hope I do ok, make sure to mention me when game starts.


    Going to bed
  3. I haven't been on much lately because I was sick.
    I'll sleep when I can afford to XD
    I'm glad you're excited and I think you'll do fine ^-^7
    lol stop cursing me procrastination god XD
  4. We havent talked in eons

    Get your sleep

    Im excited for this game, even though ill do bad

    Procrastinating god right here
  5. hi nyx
    I should be sleeping ._.
    but instead I'm ironing out the kinks of my game.
    I really should stop procrastinating
  6. Hi nika
  7. All right.

    Chapter 2 in a bit
  8. I think so far it's great.
    My only thought is to add some critique as you go along, positive or negative.
  9. Check out my reading log

    I put some effort into it and want some thoughts
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