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  1. me too ;-; colds suck!
  2. Happy new year, Ive been alright. Recovering from a cold.
  3. Good ^-^ Happy new year! How have you been?
  4. How are you?
  5. Top chef huh. Never watched it, but I've heard of it. What is it about?

    I assume you know what Arrow and The Flash are about. If you wanted to watch them, you would have by now
    Jane the Virgin is GREAT. It's like a telenovella, that makes fun of other telenovellas XD So it has wacky, over the top comedy and excessive drama. Honestly, it is the best show on the CW.
    iZombie is also great. Truly incredible and intriguing. It is about a doctor who unfortunately finds herself transformed into a zombie. So, she quits her job and starts working at the morgue where she helps the police solve murders by eating the brains of victims and getting visions from them.
  6. Never seen any of those but ive got to watch about 10 seasons of top chef
  7. also have a bunch of show to catch up on. I'm sooooooooooooo behind in The Flash, Arrow, Jane the Virgin, and iZombie
  8. Hibernation awaits
  9. aw, get better soon

    yeah, I can't wait for my holiday to come. I just wanna sleep all day.
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