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  1. she has
  2. has she ever been on a rollercoaster?
  3. Nah I think that might be just a little too extreme for her XD
  4. that's good to hear, has she hinted what she wanted to do next? skydiving maybe?
  5. She had a blast! XD The guides were so impressed with her, they didn't believe she was 80 ahahha
  6. oofa, how did she like it?
  7. nope, can't say that. she's adventurous too. she get's it from my grandmother. she's 80. she'll be 81 this year. last year she went zip lining. XD
  8. sounds like your family is never boring
  9. yeah a potent combination of whimsical and dead serious
    Like she wants us to go treasure hunting and we were like, sure that'd be nice, then she started buying metal detectors for real and I'm like MOM! where do you expect to find treasure
  10. so she's the whimsical-ish type that just drags everyone else along?
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