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  1. so you don't need to worry about riddles.
  2. also in case the events are still worrying you,
    it's just treasure chest filled with shit form the grand line, some bad, some good XD
    and I've decided that one will open whenever a person dies XD
  3. okay
  4. hmm, that's tricky, I might not be around TMF as much during that time but I'll see
  5. saturday september 9th because I have a 3 day weekend ^-^7
    I'll need it with 25 players.
  6. when does the game begin again?
  7. well it's only for back up and half ass is better than completely inactive XD
  8. I don't wanna half ass games, that's an insult to you

    I admit trolling does sound fun
  9. who says you have to play well XD
    you can go in and get revenge on meru and alchemists for all I care
  10. Sorry I can't, and it's even worse having to sub in for someone because I'll have to be in a hurry to catch up
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