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  1. How you doing daddy-san?
  2. Sometimes the fact that a single shot gets to you can be a lot more convenient.

    That are some ridiculous standards you got there. Guess I'll have to try and reach it one day.
  3. I don't handle it very well as you can tell

    Me training i wish i had the time

    Danish, English are mandatory and 1-2 other depending on which study line you chose so like German/French/Spanish

    And being an attorney here requires you to understand at least 2 different ones than the ones in School depending on your position

  4. Start training.

    Not even close.
    We've got croatian and english as mandatory (but english is only up to high school), everything else is our own choice. You're really something though.
  5. I get drunk of a single shot of sake so kinda the reason i don't drink

    Don't you guys have Native language, English if it isn't your native and then 2-4 mandatory ones

    Mine being japanese, Danish, English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, a little Turkish, Norse and swedish
  6. I've actually only gotten really drunk once this year. Plot twist though, my current capacity has reached a level where people are actually in awe because even I don't know how much I'd have to drink to get drunk.

    What kind of standard is that? Being trilingual is a big deal here.
  7. I get drunk like twice a yeah though

    Isn't that normal in school being quadrilingual that is?
  8. At least once a week*

    I will definitely consider it. Studying in Japan is certainly a massive boon and that goes double for my profession. I'd also be quadrilingual.
  9. I dun know maybe

    I would never do something like that
  10. If I'm staying in Japan for a year we're getting drunk together at least once.

    I was talking about you.
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