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  1. Sadly I couldn't help you much there. I had a lot of help from a friend and former admin, Enigma. The first step is to buy vBulletin software. At the time it was $195. It might have gone up, so I'd check to make sure. After that? I'd consult someone like PoPs or Y, they're more tech oriented at this point in time. There are tutorial videos on this kind of process, so look up those as well.
  2. How do you make a site like TMF? Follow me through the process.
    Give me all the steps.
  3. I did that but it only gives a link not the actual vid in a post.
  4. [ VIDEO ] URL here [ / VIDEO ]

    no spaces
  5. Yo how do you set up a video?
  6. That's interesting
  7. I didn't say I was gonna change, I'll just change your perception to fit my own because I don't think I come off as entitled and greedy but if you already think that then I can't convince you to see my way without through action, Dofla said I take a section and increase activity to the point I become a contributor which will take commitment, that's what I need to do.
  8. Don't change because you want the position, you shouldn't change unless that change comes from within. If you try to change to please me then you're failing.
  9. Yeah I get it, I'll need to change that.
  10. Hey, I didn't say it was impossible. It's just that we have a process and I can't just make you a Contributor out of the blue. You come off as entitled and greedy, not the type of person I'd want on my staff.
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