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  1. Sure
  2. are you there

    i got a question

    this ok to have as a sig?
  3. Keep an eye out on the thread in PH. The one with the "Who is done with manga when OP is done"
  4. Know of any good Avatars for Enel?
  5. How are you doing today GP?
  6. Be straight with me GP.

    Do you think I'm a quality member?
  7. I do feel some members might overblow things for the jokes and meme factor, but I do agree with a lot of the criticisms of the arc that have dragged it a lot lower than it could be. Capone Bege and Brook have kept the arc as a whole afloat for me, but we have had some subpar chapters like the most recent one that don't hold up as well on a week by week basis.
  8. GP

    Do you really think modern OP is as bad as this forum makes it out to be?
  9. Who's dupe was The Sunset? I see hes banned now.
  10. It's been too soon since the last name change.
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