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  1. It's been too soon since the last name change.
  2. GP. I need your help.

    I'm trying to change my username to just Patrick, but it's not letting me. Can you help me?
  3. Can i get that Tobi emote?
  4. You could do it in the Café if you want to keep it formal and on topic, but that would be more public. EZ would invite spam and I'm not sure you'd want that.
  5. I really want to make a thread called "Patrick's Journal" or something along the lines.

    It'll basically be a thread for me to talk about things like my day, what I'm feeling, venting, stuff like that.

    Can I make one of these? If so, where should I make the thread?
  6. Thank you GP
  7. Yes
  8. Hey GP. Is it possible for admins to delete accounts?
  9. It's already an existing emote, it would make things easier if to get a new one put in.
  10. GP, would it be possible if could be my emote?

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