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  1. I'll do my best GP.

    I'll protect Rem at any cost!
  2. I'm afraid it's in grave danger, and only you can save it!
  3. is my avatar safe???
  4. I think the forum is making me feel more depressed.

    Could you ban my account?
  5. That's an odd question.

    I could give him such a set but I don't see why he wouldn't just do it himself if he wanted one.
  6. Would it be possible if you could give Rax a Kirito set?
  7. Can you open my thread back up?
  8. The chapter hasn't been released yet so that falls into spoiler territory, which isn't allowed, you have to leave that type of discussion in the spoiler section. Its soft deleted for now, which means I can still look it over and potentially restore it when the chapter drops if it warrants it.
  9. Hey GP. Why did my thread get deleted?
  10. Sure
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