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  1. Hey GP, could you change my name to Mr. Carter, please?

    Edit: nvm.
  2. Thanks GP!
  3. Could you change my username to Millennium Creed, please? I tried but it said how the username is already in use or I had to ask an Admin for permission.

  4. True. Sorry about that GP.
  5. You're wearing the Shanks default avatar right now...
  6. It's only showing up as 13 for me.

  7. ???

    It has 14 avatars like all the rest.
  8. Since OP is the only one of the series here with just 13 avatars, have you considered adding another relevant character (say, Roger)?
  9. Eh, you're presence hasn't been anything harmful or influenced the thread. As long as you don't jump in and start making actual scumreads or suddenly become really active then it doesn't bother me.
  10. Hey GP, you don't mind me posting in the thread as a joke do you? Cause I'll stop if you do; I have the utmost respect for you as a man. I dunno if you're actually a potato, but I know if you aren't you're a great man if nothing else.
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