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  1. I see. Thanks anyway.
  2. No matches
  3. Could you find out who The Sunset is, please? Pretty sure he's a dupe.
  4. Did you see my response to your PM?
  5. You're welcome man.
  6. Thanks
  7. Barack Obama isn't the only black man who got replaced recently. Unlike his replacement, my replacement has done a pretty good job. Nice to see you in blue, GP.
  8. It's a damn shame we live in a society of double standards where we only hear about the rapists who are men, and not women. You know I actually almost knocked her out when she tried that?
  9. Who can forget when Shanice got drunk and tried climbing all over you, girl didn't get the hint.
  10. Oh yeah. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure you mentioned the one with braids was a hooker and you had an STD scare a week later.
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