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  1. Just thought for a change. A short and simple username like this one seemed better.
  2. Why you change your Nickname?
  3. Shigan


  4. "...Rokuougan!!"
  5. Jup.Enel Fruit is good but overall...meh

    My Fav Villain is Rob Lucci

    Yes,Croc needs again screentime
  6. The guy is overrated a lot. Good fruit but shit stats. A waste really. I never like his overly arrogant character. If there's a villain that needs to come back to the story it's my man Croc. One of the best villains so far in the whole OP.
  7. Enel is still on the Moon.I doupt he will coming back

    He is a fodder compare to the Top Tiers
  8. Oda is known to take inspiration from actors. For the Admirals it is confirmed. If you just google, you can find out which actor they look like. They are nearly the same.

    Lol EmiNel.
  9. WTF.He looks almost the same.

    And Enel is Eminem
  10. Yeah, like an older reincarnation of his. Actually, google Kunie Tanaka. You'll see he actually looks nearly the same as Kizaru. I was left speechless when I saa it first lol.
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