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  1. I dunno. It always seemed like size was what you found ugly.
  2. i just dislike ugliness, not size

    if the two are usually related is another issue entirely
  3. It's just I've seen you complain at great lengths about women like that is all.
  4. i'm not that unidirectional
  5. It's just you've always had such objections to... dimensional women.
  6. ... look

    i like pretty things

    pretty things are usually smol and flat but it's not always the case, ok
  7. I'm still just surprised that's the one you have. You'll have to excuse my bewilderment.
  8. Yeah very fanart
  9. Yeah, it definitely looked lewd.

    Really? For some reason it didn't strike me as your Dangan art stuff. Is it fanart?
  10. she's the danganronpa girl i like and bring up every now and then in sets

    the art is a tactically cropped lewd
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