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  1. S'no prob. I liked having a character in there that wasn't all about power wank getting in the eyes.
  2. prep's kind of the best thing going for riboku, so i figured he was decent enough to show up in those ranks. I was thinking he's probably as good as it gets for an human mind to plan things ahead, what have the S tier boys better than him in that regard? Genuine question, i don't know most (any?) of them so i was just wondering.

    thank you for taking time to think about it and place him somewhere
  3. Good question with Riboku by the way. I think a lot of characters like that get tossed away because they don't make batshit insane crazy ass pull last minute reveal things and so they're never really considered for that sort of distinction. Whereas Riboku actually exists in a world where if nobody else were working against him he'd just steamroll villages with no problem. Where comic characters only ever make it out because they just have something slightly more useful than the plan enacted against them, Riboku exists in a constant state that could only be described as someone like Batman constantly planning and warring against someone like Black Panther. Where their plans never get to see the full fruition because they're always in constant plan conflict with other prep masters and are forced to constantly adapt and work to prevent further disaster while still trying to further their own goals.
  4. Good humor, art, action, and... something else.
  5. how so?
  6. I believe there's a good chance you'll enjoy it.
  7. should i
  8. So when you gonna start Golden Kamuy?
  9. Don't hit me with such confusing concepts.
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