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  1. Yep

    Everyone understands sooner or later
  2. i think i owe you an apology, crispy

    you were right all along. Traps aren't gay.
  3. it's the order that pretty much any book, manual or guide adopt

    there are minor things you can do knowing loops and arrays, but you can't do anything at all while just knowing classes
  4. Thanks a ton Crispy. If you don’t mind explaining though, why that order?
  5. sounds about right
  6. Yeah, we’re basically rewriting a (condensed) version of the textbook we used a semester. A guide to programming in Java we’d have liked to receive the first day of class, basically. The book we used is kind of wonky.

    And yeah, I meant things I should talk about first. So I should make it: Data > Loops > Arrays > Classes > Methods > Exceptions?
  7. you're writing a manual?

    rather than importance, there's a tree structure of things that are better covered before than others. Yours is kind of spot on, although i'd probably talk about loops and arrays before classes.
  8. Hey Crispy, how would you rank the importance of these CS concepts:
    Classes and Objects
    Data, Expressions, and Identifiers

    I'm writing a manual on Java code and was wondering which one you thought would be most important to cover first. I was thinking Data, Expressions and Identifiers > Classes and Objects > Methods > Loops > Arrays > Exceptions in order of what to talk about first.
  9. so i did, mom
  10. once again

    go to sleep
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