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  1. Nice callout
  2. Ah, yeah. I should put more detail into my thoughts.

    Thanks, VICE.
  3. Hey, put some thoughts into your reactions of episodes/movies etc.

    I've seen you often just say "I like it"

    Which is good, but like it how? All of it?
  4. Im well aware as to how cringe they are.

    Oh man, the office is killing me.

    I just burst out laughing at the top of my lungs for the 4th time in the past hour.
  5. How about you don't post in those sections then?

    Pretty cringe stuff
  6. If you want to talk with ratinoal Nyx, find me in the library, entertainment section, VM's, or (usually) the cafe.

    Ive noticed im weird in the EZ and CB the most.
  7. Bit of an overestimation but sure.

    Work on it though.
  8. Im working on it.

    For some reason im only rational outside the EZ.
  9. See, this is a conversation i hoped ours would have been.

    Why are you sensible here and not there?
  10. Yeah, I realized that after I posted it.

    I got mixed up and thought I was 2015.
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