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  1. Im glad you liked the series

    Always remember, Nyx is the man when it comes to books

    Started the Red Pyramid yet?
  2. Rewatching OP.

    The feels man
  3. They aint goin' anywhere

    Oh man...

    I cant wait till you start magnus chase

    You can go ahead and start The Lost Hero, but I recommend doing the Kane Chronicles first.
  4. But now I'm attached to Percy and Annabeth.
  5. In my opinion, yes. They are all great, you cant go wrong.

    Ancient egypt is so interesting, you're in for a treat.
  6. So I should read The REd Pyramid before The Lost Hero?
  7. Nice work, I told you they were good books. Next up read "The Red Pyramid"

    After you finish that 3-book series you can resume Percy jackson, its the best order imo.
  8. I will start being more active again very son, but I wanted you to know I finished The Last Olympian.

    So good.
  9. How can we make the library more active?

    I think the threads in there are great but the section seems to be asleep

    Its as though it needs something to wake it up.

    I am trying with the reading log but I dont think thats enough.
    Spamming threads wont do good if nobody views them..

    we need to convince people to post in the library somehow
  10. Aight, im gonna do 2 chapters in a few min, thank you.

    How do you like it so far?
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