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  1. Alrighty
  2. I'll make a recommendation thread later on, so feel free to check it out.

    I'm too tired to think right now, I'm off to bed.
  3. Oh man.. the waits gonna kill me.

    Recommend me some anime?

    Im gonna start chivalry of a failed knight tonight
  4. January, 2018.
  5. Sounds pretty interesting, know when it will come out?
  6. Yeah, me too. Second season is probably going to be better than the first one, it depends how Madhouse will adapt it. It won't be focused on Ainz that much, but there is going to be a great arc focused on Cocytus (Nazarick Floor Guardian, that ice dude) and lizardmen.
  7. Yeah. I cant wait till season 2.
  8. Yeah, I like it as well, especially the novel. The anime adaptation wasn't bad, though.
  9. I thought she looked familiar, I love that series.
  10. Yeah, her name is Shalltear.
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