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  1. It has. It's good to hear you're doing good.
  2. damn time flies

    remember when you were just a sophomore, and now you're graduating. best of luck on your exams.

    and lifes been alright for me. nothing special.
  3. Good. I'm really stressed right now because exams are near and there are a bunch of assignments that need to be handed in. I'm a senior in high school tho and will hopefully be going to uni next year. How's your life been
  4. what up slime haven't seen you in a while

    how's it been?
  5. no I have 1 more year oh high school and than to uni most likely for another 4 years.
  6. wbu, you're a senior in high school now right?
  7. oh the school life is almost over for you. thats good.
  8. yessir. got maybe 2 or so semesters left
  9. lool it's fine.

    you still in school?
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