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  1. no I have 1 more year oh high school and than to uni most likely for another 4 years.
  2. wbu, you're a senior in high school now right?
  3. oh the school life is almost over for you. thats good.
  4. yessir. got maybe 2 or so semesters left
  5. lool it's fine.

    you still in school?
  6. damn

    if it were anything i else i would try to say some encouraging words or something but math is pretty much the worst subject
  7. lool

    it's for math.
  8. that's good, and studying's for n.e.r.d.s. anyways

    just jokes tho, don't take me seriously i'm a bad influence...

    what's the exam for?
  9. I'm doing fine. I have an exam that I have to study for but don't want to.
  10. groovy, dude. how about you?
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