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  1. Ok, because we are discussion the validation of Frieza being small-dwarf Star in base form from a calc that is used from several websites, even OBD
  2. not that i'm aware of, no

    if something like that was around i'd imagine it'd be very deep in the meta
  3. Hey tokio, I have a question, is there a calc Page in this forum that states Frieza is large planet?
  4. Ok, sorry to bother you, I am being pestered about Fiore’s size from someone who doesn’t believe in planet size countries or something like that, despite having info that can be used for calcing
  5. i have no idea tbh
  6. Hello Tokyo, Where is the thread that confirms the size of Fiore?
  7. no need to apologize for anything. best of luck with your situations in real life. your calc will be settled soon.
  8. Ok, sorry, is it just me with my life getting crazy and out of control, I can’t be on here forever
  9. give it a week. no need to blow up his messages. i'm sure he sees the thread. if he hasn't responded by then i'll post my opinion.
  10. was waiting for numinous to address it before i said anything since it was originally his complaint
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