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  1. not really, the PC broke down some months ago so I've lost access to most of my resources

    it went down in the middle of this project, which was my last:
  2. Lol. Still making memes?

  3. kinda, it's a step up from other jobs of similar nature but honestly, no one's paid well enough to deal with assholes everyday lol
  4. Feels bad

    Is the pay good?
  5. good luck

    pharmacy tech but I'm just a glorified cashier now
  6. School is okay, Just trying to work hard and get good marks.

    what was it that you do again?
  7. work is grinding me down so hard

    how's school?
  8. oh whats going on?
  9. not so great tbh, I feel like I'm slowly withering away
  10. Great you!

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