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  1. that's alright

    nope, I don't watch TV anymore and I only watch youtube vids on gaming and food travels. the rest is just manga
  2. lol my bad

    So Void, have you ever seen The Office? Or do you mainly watch/read more non-real life stuff?
  3. slow down there MC, I just mainly meant the internet and tech lol. it was sickening to see these old politicians attempt to grill Zuckerberg and the Google CEO
  4. True, I just don't think our generation is as messed up. There's plenty of bad, but there's plenty of good too. And since we're so connected and easily manipulated, it's pretty easy to just look at the negatives while omitting the positives. Things like bullying and intolerance are at all time lows, the child mortality rate is significantly lower, various diseases are gone, and we have more compassion and empathy than ever. Not to mention the fact that we have more access to information and are capable of providing solutions to problems than ever before. If we just come together, then we can overthrow the corrupt governments and corporations that run our society.

    Not at this point, but I would want to learn in my spare time
  5. indeed, though fuck the older gens, they're so out of touch.

    have you considered it?
  6. It's not cool cause while I do think the Internet has done more good than bad, I do see where older gens come from when they criticize it. Even though I think they mean to criticize social media more than the Internet lol. I meant me loving the Internet was counterproductive because I spent more time using it than being face to face with more useful skills tho.

    Err, not sure, but it's community college so probably cheap. I'd imagine that once you learned some mechanical stuff, it likely related to other more hands on things, or at least the learning curve wasn't as steep.
  7. sadly we only use the internet for entertainment

    only a year? how much does it cost?
  8. yeah man, as much as I love the Internet I do wish I was taught more about this stuff. Mechanical stuff, cooking, and other basic survival skills.

    Exactly . Plus you learn a lot and maybe can automate some of the things you have to do at home.

    This community college in my state actually has a mechatronics program and it only takes a year to finish the certificate. If I had to do it over, I'd probably be doing that.
  9. yep, that's my line of thought too, especially since my dad is a handy man with stuff like that throughout the house. of course if I was rich that wouldn't matter

    "it's ... alive!"
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