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  1. boomers

    talking of having it good, fucking gas jumped at least 20 cents while I was cooped up at home studying
  2. “I moved out at 18! Why are you still living with your parents?”

    “Well homie, there are no good jobs, healthcare and education cost an arm and a leg, and I’m still learning how to be an adult.”

    “Excuses! My mortgage and tuition was only 400 bucks.”

    Baby Boomers had it so freaking good.
  3. of course not, that's why i'm saying there's a "stigma"

    but they're good sports and take it in stride
  4. Still, making fun of or belittling them isn’t exactly helping them. I think sometimes people like to use “telling people what they need to hear” as an excuse to be hurtful. I’m sure most people already know what their problems are. And it’s not really the most opportune moment to be alive.
  5. they

    but of course, however the same old "stigmas" will always be there. like how we make fun of Mak and other 30s Temeffians for being grandpas
  6. Ppl

    Though it’s important to remember that you can still change your life. It might not seem like the most optimal time, but there’s still plenty of things to be happy about.
  7. who is they?
  8. They say 30 is the new 20.
  9. all I pretty much listen to is the english opening lol
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