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  1. Yep, you have xD just keep forgetting. Sorry
  2. Pretty sure I already told you what they were but here you go.

    I Shall Seal The Heavens (Chinese Light Novel)
    One Piece (Manga and Anime)
    Dies Irae (Japanese Light Novel and Anime)
    Highschool of the Dead (Manga and Anime)
  3. Name of each anime in your sig pls ?
  4. Oh, somehow I didn't recognize One Piece.

  5. 1 - Chinese Light Novel called I Shall Seal The Heavens
    2 - Manga/Anime called One Piece
    3 - Japanese Visual Novel Video Game called Dies Irae
    4 - Manga/Anime called Highschool of the Dead
  6. name of each anime/manhwa in your sig?
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