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  1. ur gay
  2. I changed. I find mafia boring now...
  3. What about those times you did
  4. Whatever. I'd never join your games.
  5. How could it cost me a member if you didn't sign up yet? I'm where I started.

    Now stop being obstinate and play my game you dumb whore. It'll be fun.
  6. That "compliment" of yours just costed you a single member in your game.
  7. well well well if it isn't that little invisible whore katyusha

    play my dangan mafia game
  8. Not available. Don't even consider Umber. She isn't even logging into TMF anymore for a while. (even though she isn't doing nothing productive...)
  9. need a replacement in my game, are you interested
  10. We shall see who is the baka after this game
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