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  1. Make me return and I'll stop complaining about other sites. I'll also give my 100% on any game I will play.
  2. Unban me at once
  3. Last offer:

    I'll stop talking about NF if you unban me

    Take or leave
  4. Unban me man. I must represent you guys in the mafia world tournament
  5. Man I signed for Ink's game few days ago. Will I be allowed to play?
  6. What should I do to have access back to the section?
  7. Dude I even helped you expanding your section a few days ago.

    You don't do this shit, this is not tolerable expecially in this way.

    I'm dead serious when I say I'm gonna harass you my whole life if you don't fix things up and yes I even asked GP. I hope he has a brain unlike you.
  8. Yeah just go ahead and start the EZ thread I guess
  9. Good unban me and we'll find a way. Otherwise I'll just start a new EZ thread like that one time
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