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  1. Crispy, Allara, Ccrack, and all the degenerates of this forum have been permanently banned.

    So if you wing by here at some point, it's safe now
  2. I agree Hiro was fantastic, by far the funniest part of the game was when he believed he had killed Sakura and failed so spectacularly and covering it up/framing Toko that it only took 5 minutes of the trial to figure him out.

    I agree it would be nice to flesh out the characters that got axed a little to quickly. Leon, Mondo, Taka, and Mukuro all come to mind. I'd be really interested to peer closer at the Ultimate Soldier because despite being part of the Ultimate despair seemed like a down to earth character in the minimal interactions the game lets you have and it's hard not to feel sympathetic at her fate. And it definitely felt sad that Taka's life got cut short right after his character was seemingly entering a new phase
  3. you can sort your favorite characters using this site

    my list for DR1 would be

    hagakure/weedman is my favorite character, i think he is amazing comedy relief from start to finish and the fact that he is by far the least deserving survivor to make it through the killing game makes him even funnier. he's also extremely memeable.

    i really like leon's performance as the culprit in case 1, and he's just generally a character i find very likable. he got fucked by life cuz ultimate thot sayaka decided to go nuts, then he tried to fuck life back. he failed, but what matters is his will to live. even with the entire world against him, he never gave up..

    truly admirable.

    he also has easily the best execution of the series, it's unmatched in sheer brutality. no other execution in DR is nearly as macabre as leon's, most of them are absurd to the point where it makes the situation seem funny (even though an execution is being depicted). there's lots i like about him, but i'll stop here.

    hiro and leon always place close to last in popularity polls and i swear i don't like them just to be contrarian, i just greatly enjoyed the parts they play in their game.

    ishimaru is a fan favorite and i have to agree completely, it's a shame that he was axed in one of the worst cases of the series. he's definitely a very likable character and never stops being endearing, his whole bromance with mondo and his ishimondo evolution is pure manliness. i will say that ishimaru is one of the characters that would benefit the most from a danganronpa 1 remake / rewrite, he is way too stupid for his background (probably japan's most dilligent student, yet he's basically brain-amputated in the trials).

    sakura's whole arc is executed very nicely, and she's definitely DR1's biggest eyecatch. she also has a comparatively good case where the only thing that left a sour aftertaste for me is that monokuma forged the suicide note. outside of that she's just pretty great from start to finish, i do think they could have made more use of her role as the traitor in the story though.

    those 4 i'd call my favorite DR1 characters, i more or less like them all equally as much. hbu?
  4. Who are your favorite characters from the first game?
  5. Yeah for me I think the setting for DR1 was just rife with potential and they fed you breadcrumbs at the end of each chapter so it really did a great job drawing you in.

    I do love me a good case so I'll be holding out for that one. I really enjoyed DR 1 although the cases in the latter half of the game weren't as strong from a solving/murder mystery perspective, in part due to how they're entwined with the plot. I love a real good mindfuck.

    I'll probably come back and check that out once I've had my breakfast, lunch and dinner with DR. After I beat 2 might host my own theme game as well.
  6. i see, i personally also prefer danganronpa to ace attorney. i've played every game in both franchises, and i think DR is just much more entertaining. i will say however that AA deserves recognition for inventing the formula (DR does kind of ape AA a lot after all) and i think the franchise is pretty consistent quality-wise (spin-offs included), whereas DR is kind a little bit over the place consistency-wise. just depends on what you're looking for in an interactive VN.

    i experienced the same years ago when i first played DR1, i no-lifed the game in a couple of days. i think DR can really draw you in.

    there is for sure some pay-off with DR2, basically everyone agrees that it has far and beyond the best case in the series. but i will say that i def prefer DR1 to DR2 because i felt DR1 had a much stronger cast (DR2 had a lot of duds for me personally), a better soundtrack and a vastly superior atmosphere / setting. it is still very close to DR1 for me, i think whether you prefer the first or the second game will largely be preference based.

    what basically everyone agrees on is that the third game which came out in 2017 is by far the weakest main-line entry, but it's still very much worth playing. the third game is weird in that it is actually very good for the most part, but most people think it goes down the gutter very close to the end, so it leaves a very bad impression.

    if your curiosity for interactive mystery VNs has been piqued, i'd advise you to take a look at the zero escape series, particularly 999 and virtue's last reward. they are much more ambitious in their writing and extremely creative in terms of pushing the constraints of narrative. but outside of some superficial similarities with DR it's very different from it, the atmosphere is very serious whereas DR is dopey and the gameplay aspect consists of rooms you have to escape from, which you do by solving puzzles in those rooms (the entire room is basically one big puzzle) as opposed to DR's trials.
  7. I made a thread about it in the sotm

    Overall I like it quite a bit. I played Phoenix Wright some years ago and then put the series down, this scratches that itch, I feel this series is just of a better quality overall.

    The game is pretty dense dialogue wise so it's something I try to play a little bit at a time, maybe for an hour while sitting down and having coffee, but inevitably I'll just play a little bit longer until I beat two cases in a day and end up hating myself for it haha

    I'm currently on DR2 and I'm not feeling quite as into it off the bat as I was with the first game but I know there'll be some payoff so...gotta play that a little bit later before I forget what's going on
  8. cool, how have you been liking it so far? i think they are very accessible as far as VNs go, i'd recommend the main games to anyone really. they are admittedly a bit weeb though.
  9. I want you to know I started Danganronpa
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