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  1. merry christmas man
  2. Merry Christmas, bolid. Best wishes for a lot of good things to happen today and in 2017.
  3. Seems so. it was spidery and there was a long blond haired child involved on this. But I remembered the baby's head more... a baby's head.
  4. I honestly can't find a good picture of it

    Is it this?
  5. I remember clearly a mecha looking thingy with the head of a baby, emanating super frightening sounds
  6. I honestly don't remember, it's been quite a while.

    Plenty of abstract shapes and stuff if that scares you.
  7. Does it get any scarier later on?
  8. They're all out to getcha.

    Yeah it's an odd one.
  9. Some people just want to make me look bad

    Nice set btw. I think I tried the first episode of that thing and almost died. That was beyond creepy
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