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  1. My Hero Academia
  2. what anime is that avatar from, Neko?
  3. Indeed. Life gets much easier when you don't think about that stuff.
  4. that's it. Keep up the high spirit, bud.
  5. You are right. I was acting stupid yesterday. But after thinking things through i learned the wonderful art of forgiving myself and that you don't have to care so much about what others say so i will now choose that way of living instead of being worried about what others say about me or mumble about things i have done.
  6. Also, you're so sensitive to criticisms. It's fine, I suck at IT myself more than what you imagine.
  7. you could've just opened a new tab on chrome it should've worked.
  8. I can't have two webpages up at the same thing so i tried a mix of firefox and chrome. Google pictures on firefox and MF on chrome. Maybe that was the problem.
  9. why did you? You could've used attachments or simply not included any pics.

    Damn you VICE.
  10. you should be able to move the image freely across the tabs, but you should keep the posting box in the displayed part of the webpage since you can't scroll through the page while dragging the image (mostly). What browser do you use?
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