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  1. Saw your request about a name change. You'll have to ask Doflamihawk, Ichiryuu, Great Potato, or Pimp of Pimps as they're the only ones who have authority to do it.
  2. Just type /me and then your action.

    Like "/me loves to eat chocolate"
  3. whats the exploit Kat's using I need to clap back
  4. Sup
  5. So should I expect to be seeing you in the comics section now?
  6. Hi there. I wanted to just ask about your post in the EZ without having it turn into posts between other members. I'm sure you've already contemplated this, but have you sought therapy? You already know clinical depression has little to do with perspective of other people's strife and deals solely with you. It's not something you should feel bad about, no matter how bad others have it. It doesn't invalidate your own problems, nor should you worry speaking up about it even if you think it sounds small. My brother and girlfriend deal with clinical anxiety and depression, both have problems unique to them. And no matter how "good" they have it, it doesn't make what they go through any less because pain is pain.
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