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  2. it goes that deep huh?
  3. Whenever the term "boss" comes up on TMF, you might think of one of the Admins. But ever since August 2014, a new boss has been shoehorned into the existence of the forum - and that's what this poster is.

    While Godhand Gozaburo is generally regarded as being one of the worst things to ever happen to TMF, he, along with Yoshi, brought Alex D. Boss to this place. If you were to look at him at first glance from his beginning period here, you probably wouldn't think so. The original Alex was a megalomaniacal one who enjoyed satiating his own ego, often thought of as an obnoxious troll. However, after starting to appreciate the site more, Alex ditched that part of his personality in order to become a kind, reformed, and thoughtful poster.

    While it is joked around that Alex is highly influential and even the self proclaimed "face of TMF", he has actually been instrumental in the coining of the phrase "you're wrong." Which is basically what he uses in rebuttal to long posts debating a certain point. Soon, several picked up on it.
  4. What is a Boss to a GOD

  5. Haters LOST.

    Enjoy this emote for the rest of your life.

  6. WON
  7. Iím working but thanks and you too, comrade.
  8. Enjoy the holidays you warrior
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