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  1. can't play right now.
    got sick over the weekend with a cold.
    currently feeling like death
    I do enjoy slice of life so I will read it eventually.
  2. Ah My Goddess is really good. It has my favorite manga female character in it, Belldandy. You should read it if you want some slice of life manga.
  3. Can you play a mafia game?
  4. haven't watched or read any of those actually. I started Noblesse once, but I don't remember anything about it.

    I hear NNT is really good. I'll get around to it eventually.

    Ah My Goddess is also somthing I know about, but haven't watched XD.
  5. Mostly Ah My Goddess whenever I am not in the mood to play games.

    There is also Seven Deadly Sins and Noblesse.
  6. I don't read much fantasy to be honest. Just a few shonen titles.
    What series are you currently reading?
  7. I like fantasy manga.
  8. yeah I like sports manga the most with romance manga being a close second.
  9. Oh Interesting.
  10. I tend to find a new manga to read whenever I'm bored.
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