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  1. I had a dream you were interviewing some texan folk over a radio broadcast and commenting on their thick accents, or "drawl" as you would put it.
  2. I'll brainstorm some with ink, maybe get X and Mak into it as well
  3. I think that could make the categories a bit too narrow, but breaking it down further than it is could be an option if I get some good suggestions.
  4. would you entertain a notion of section-emotes? (i.e emotes themed after a section)

    world leaders for War zone, famous movie and game characters, and artists for Entertainment.

    I reckon few would get used at least. 3-4 for each max.
  5. I uhh, need you to fish out Rax's enchantrum thread out of Toxic Waste and into the Millennium Library.

    My bad.
  6. Theater, The Jukebox, A Section of Ice and Fire, Sports, Gaming HQ, Indigo Plateau, Millennium Library

    That order seems like out of whack.

    Can it be

    Theater, GoT, Gaming, Indigo, Jukebox, Sports, Gaming, Library.
  7. So are we fine with the signature crispi chose for alchemist21 just because he lost a bet?

    It's almost pure underage hentai
  8. Apologies.
  9. What would have been my punishment, good sir?
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