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  1. We need to work on Project External.
  2. I'll get to it.
  3. Could you explain your PH plan to Emperor Whitebeard? He wants to help.

    Majesty Kaido is dealing with a death so we’ll not bother him.
  4. It is, but be careful. I accidently deleted AveerageReader99 with that last time.
  5. Pruning is a powerful and scary tool.

    Thousands of bots have just been wiped off the face of the forum.
  6. He'll probably be back sooner or later. But thanks for letting me know.
  7. Oh... I forgot to mention that Erkan is no more.

    Nightfall gave him a section ban because every single post he made was crying about Mihawk and then he got upset and demanded an overall ban from the forum.
  8. I see. We've a lot to do over the next two weeks.
  9. Nothing too much, made a new subsection in the CZ to archive that forum event that went down.
  10. Anything interesting happen in the past few days?
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