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  1. If you're not too busy nowadays let's try to restart the meetings.
  2. I'll try getting them up and running again.

    I ended up having a ton of stuff on my plate recently and it's made it harder to focus on things.
  3. What's been going on with the reports? Seems like there's been a gap, which is understandable. We'll start them up again this weekend.
  4. I've been inactive this week due to various IRL issue, but Project Resurgence is still underway. Please make sure the process of reporting starts this weekend.

    We also need to work on a system for keeping track of Contributor process.

    I need to work on the rules like I said I would do. REmind me if you don't anything from me about this by the weekend.
  5. Okay, I'll be expecting it. Much hinges on this job.
  6. I'll give you an update in the CC.
  7. Any updates with the job I gave you?
  8. Two weeks.
  9. Got it, have fun on your trip, man. How long you planning to be out?
  10. As you probably know, I'll be leaving for Pakistan tomorrow night. I will try to be as least somewhat active during that time, but in case that doesn't happen you'll be in charge.

    Project Resurgence is the priority. Anything you think might be related to that is to be put first. I would like the template for the Sunday reports done as soon as possible. Though I realize that this might be a difficult task, so work towards getting it done as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.

    I would like you guys to start discussing how we can improve upon the Contributor system in the CC. For example, you talked about fostering mod/contributor relationships. Do not take any action on this matter unless I approve, however.

    Slightly more emphasis is to be placed on the Cafe and Entertainment sections.

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