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  1. I'd say Vista is the undisputed number #1

    For the rest of the top 5 I'd go with Big Mom is 2nd (she's even been nicknamed Big Meme and her only remaining supporter at this point is Erkan), then there's Mihawk and Doflamingo who are the center of a ton of power level controversies. #5 I'd give for Smoothie, high ranking Big Mom pirate with a huge bounty but became a meme because all she does is stand around being worthless and commentating on things.

    Diamante and Trebol are regarded as some of the most trash and underwhelming characters we've had post skip so one of them would work. Sanji is also a good meme choice with how he's been handled post-skip, Oda milked the "Sanji is perverted" gag into the ground when the skip started and the Year of Sanji amounted to him getting beaten and humiliated for the entire year while the rest of the Strawhats got to shine, now he's stuck baking a cake while the rest of the strawhats fight off a yonkou. Then there's Bobbin who the forum hyped as being a top tier and Big Mom's right hand man only for him to be off paneled by Vito when the arc actually rolled around. Of course the God Urouge meme is always a classic and a staple that has spilled all over the OP community.


    1. Vista
    2. Big Mom
    3. Mihawk
    4. Doflamingo
    5. Smoothie
    6. Bobbin
    7. Sanji
    8. Urouge
    9. Diamante/Trebol

    That's a top 10 to pick and choose from.
  2. hey, what are 8 of Punk Hazard's most controversial or meme characters

    I want to assign those characters roles for the game
  3. ...Am I supposed to have permissions to access the council? Because I never got that from PoPs
  4. Dofla said an admin is needed to change my name back, can you change it to Ultra. thx
  5. I think you make some good points. X didn't really take a stance on what to do with the section, said he was fine with whatever, and Pops was content to go with the majority which was in favor of VICE's proposal since he's not too involved with the mafia scene and that what he said made sense, but also added maybe a full on Arcade section in the future for forum games. Crispi pushed for the section to be moved to Gaming HQ but apparently just wanted to see what would happen if it went through, so I this issue is currently open for further discussion at this point.
  6. The problem is it's going to be uphill for no reason

    Saying this won't hurt the section too badly isn't the point. I was hoping that we could get even more activity as a main section since BEFORE it was so obscured.
  7. I'm actually not worried of Mafia's potential, I can see it eventually dwindling and dying down a little bit but there's always potential for a resurgence and having less active sections isn't a huge boon. Majority was largely in favor of this move though, we may be able to work something out tampering with the Admin CP to make the name visible from the main page, I'm not sure how that would work though or if it would effect other subsections of subsections.
  8. This is an absolutely terrible compromise though. Why would you hide one of the most active sections from the front page?

    If the problem was that you're skeptical of long term potential - that's fine. Leave it alone and see how it does. It'll be an experiment to see if it's a success.

    But now this has just actively hindered the section's potential. This won't stop the dedicated regulars from playing just yet - but it's quite obvious what impact this is going to have.

    It's just downright backwards. The only potential argument I can see in favor of this is that perhaps since mafia is a game it's more befitting to have it in the gaming section but...the gaming section is not big or popular to begin with.
  9. I didn't mind the idea of Mafia having its own section but that was controversial amongst the staff and pretty split. VICE decided on this as a compromise and the majority of staff jumped on board so it was agreed we'd run with it, though Crispi is now claiming he was trolling by voting in favor of the idea.
  10. Say it ain't so, GP
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