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  1. They don't do hydra or I would have asked to make you. Btw I want to sign up for Ava's Jihadfia but GP doesn't answer my VM
  2. I see you're signed up for the Assassin Creed game on OJ

    ask if we can hydra
  3. Ask GP to unban me and make me a sub. It's the same.
  4. well, game has already started so lol
  5. GP told me he will unban me if you make me play
  6. arent you still banned
  7. Why did you close your sign ups man
  8. You just need to tell GP you are giving me one last chance and if I don't manage to walk on this thin ice I'll be gone forever. I will accept it if I mistake again I swear. But make me play your game man.
  9. Gotcha I'll be waiting I hoped to play your new game that's why
  10. Stop kissing my ass, it's not going to work

    If I see improvement in your behavior there's a chance I'll let you back in.
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