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  1. Even better than good luck, I believe in you
  2. From now on i will completely just post what i want to post without any worries. If i show that i can do that and also find i can keep it up i might have hatched out of my egg.

    Wish me good luck, mate.
  3. Ya best way to put it is this: I do what i want to do and since i'm a nice and respectable person i think i turn out just fine being myself.
  4. Yeah just don't be too hard on yourself, we're all human and make mistakes after all. Also, imo. its more important to be yourself than to be a "good" person or a "good" poster anyway, after all, isn't that just being what you think everyone wants you to be? Just remember that there's usually no need to take things too seriously(I think that's the one thing TMF has taught me )

    also,if you ever need advice about anything, feel free to shoot me a message in the future
  5. Yeah like i said in my what others say thread i'm trying to work on posting without worrying and posting without worrying about whatever i make mistakes or not is a great step forward indeed.

    Ofcourse i should not stop caring about how i post completely but i just try to do what i can do to be a good poster without worrying about losing it here and there.
  6. Yeah that would be a good step forward. Its arrogance when you take not worrying about mistakes to the extreme, but it's just as problematic when you worry too much
  7. Ah i thought i might aswell write it in the thread lol so i delated PM but you saw it fast.

    Yeah that's something i have been thinking about. I guess i really need to stop worrying about my mistakes all together.
  8. No need to be so self conscious But I guess it's just part of who you are seeing how you even deleted that message

    Here's something to think about, I promise the things you regret doing or you fret over are a lot more cringeworthy to you than to any one else. For examplw, I didn't cringe at thread, more like I just got annoyed at such implicit submission to Vice
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