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  1. Special people everywhere.
  2. In that thread where he wants to downgrade Alabasta like 5 people posted and argument and I trolled. Of course he ignored everyone but me.

    That's because I told her to post in the Natsu vs Kage thread(knowing that she's banned from the UBD) and she said she'd make a dupe.
  3. I dont think its worth responding to rax anymore, whenever a good point is made he wont even respond

    that trivecta call out was great
  4. Ugh, it's gotten so bad that it's not even funny anymore. More like sad or some shit.
    I'm not even sure which thread you're talking about, since like at least 10 are "infested" at any time.
  5. More picture spamming
  6. I know, that's why I keep telling her to post in the UBD.
  7. Oh. Guess I did that.
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