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  1. Of course.



    Yeah I forgot about that show

    Ill watch more tomorrow.
  2. Bleach?

  3. there goes the boku no pico set

    They are op
  4. Not gonna happen.

    I haven't yet, I need to get around to reading the MWs.
  5. Lets just say I hate it.


    If you don't like spoilers, just watch from the start. Don't drop it though. Why don't we make a deal, watch the first 3 arcs (63 ep) and if you don't like it, I'll wear a set of your choice for a week.

    Such plans were made
  6. What?

    You better.
  7. Havent seen it since friday, been so busy

    Gonna get on dat shit tonight

  8. How's Bleach coming along?
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